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Top 5 Anchorage Photo Ops

Updated: Sep 16, 2021

Summer is here and everybody is getting outside. People often ask where I take my photos. One of the great things about life in Alaska is you can find beautiful locations right outside your doorstep - so I have compiled a list of the Top 5 Photo Ops right here in Anchorage! Keep reading to find out my top picks.


Potter Marsh

Potter Marsh in one of the most accessible wildlife viewing areas in Alaska. This wildlife refuge offers spectacular views of the Chugach mountains, wetland birds, moose, and schools of swimming salmon in certain areas.


Downtown Anchorage

Downtown Anchorage is a hotspot of culture, history, and nightlife. Great photo ops in downtown Anchorage include The Anchorage Train Depot, The Roof of the 5th Avenue Garage, and outside of the historic 4th Avenue Theatre.

Next to the Train Depot (across the street from the Ulu Factory and the Comfort Inn), there is a small section of grass with benches. This is a great area to snap photos of incoming and departing Alaska Railroad Trains. You have to time it right to catch the train, so I suggest looking up the train schedule ahead of time and being there when you know a train departing.

From the roof of the 5th Avenue Garage you get great views of the heart of Downtown Anchorage, as well as some surrounding historical sights. This is a wonderful place for shooting portraits, or getting a cityscape shot!

The outside of the 4th Avenue Theatre will instantly transport you back to the 1940’s. With its distinctive Art Deco Marquee, the 4th Avenue Theatre is great for artsy, colorful photos.

Downtown Anchorage also has many events throughout the year, including Fur Rondy in March, a Solstice Festival in June, and a monthly First Friday Art Walk. These happenings can make for great photo ops, and fun experiences!


North Fork Eagle River

For those who want a remote feel, without having to hike a mountain. North Fork Eagle River is easily accessible, the river being less than a mile walk from the trailhead. Relax on the river bank, listening to the babbling brook. A great place to get photos is from the middle of the bridge, where you can capture the surrounding mountains and the river in one perfect shot.

North Fork Eagle River


Mann Leiser Memorial Greenhouse

Located in Russian Jack Park, the Mann Leiser Memorial Greenhouse is the perfect tropical getaway during the long, cold Alaskan winters.

Open weekdays from 8:00am - 3:30pm, and weekends from 8:00am - 3:00pm, this greenhouse features parakeets, fish, and exotic plants from around the world. If you need to add some green to your Instagram feed, Mann Leiser Memorial Greenhouse is the place to go!


Glen Alps Trailhead

Located in South Anchorage, the Glen Alps Trailhead offers stunning views of the mountains, as well as the city of Anchorage below.


Be sure to tag me if you go out exploring at any of these locations. I would love to see your photos. You can find me on Instagram and Facebook!


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