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Alaska Elopement Adventure in Girdwood: Chasing Legends

Ali & Jake dreamed of a true Alaska elopement experience, and they got it! In classic Alaska style we experienced all the seasons in one day.

They traveled all the way from Minnesota with hopes of seeing Bigfoot....and eloping!

The day started with getting ready at Ali's cozy Airbnb in Girdwood. Hair By Jenn did an amazing job with the hair and makeup - so stunning!

After a sweet first look with Dad, we started heading to Portage for the ceremony, and the real adventure began!

Once we arrived at Portage Lake, it quickly became apparent that our original location wasn't working out. The wind was howling and the rain was blowing sideways. Luckily I know this area like the back of my hand, and we were able to move locations to a different lake, just 5 minutes away from the original location! This unnamed lake was much more protected from the winds, and even had a stunning glacier backdrop!

I always tell my clients - Don’t like the weather? Wait 5 minutes…..or drive 5 miles. If it’s Summertime in Alaska, it will change!

It wasn't raining at the new location. The sun peeked out and shined on this small fellowship right as they were performing their final prayer, before they were pronounced husband & wife. It was truly magical!

After the ceremony Lorell ("I Do" Events) set up a picnic table, featuring her charcuterie cups and a beautiful cake by Alaska Wedding Cake Boutique! The cake was Alaskan fireweed flavored - one of my favorites and so delicious.

While she was setting up we took some family photos (Ali's parents attended as witnesses), and came back to this gorgeous display! We toasted to newly married life, then Ali & Jake cut the cake.

After the newlyweds cut the first slice, Lorell was nice enough to cut up and serve the rest. Best planner ever!

Now that the festivities were done, it was time for Ali, Jake, and me to go adventure! I took them to some of my favorite sights around Portage valley, and we even went back to the original ceremony location for some fun photos in the rain! Then we traveled back to Girdwood, for a sweet rainforest walk. Did you know that Alaska is home the world's northernmost rainforest? Now you do!

It was so much fun adventuring with Ali and Jake! As you can see by the photos, we got a little soaked by the end (by choice), and it was SO WORTH IT! I had the best time showing them around this slice of the Kenai Peninsula. We might not have seen Bigfoot, but I definitely felt something looking over us. Here's what they had to say about their day:

Want help planing your Alaskan elopement day, and a bad ass photographer to go along with it? Let's connect!

Dream AK vendor team

Isabel Forester Photography (that's me!)

Lorell with "I Do" Events

Cian with Celtic Ministries

Jenna with Rooted Rose (Formerly Hair By Jenn)

Mylords Floral

Alaska Wedding Cake Boutique



Andrea Brandt Chapoton
Andrea Brandt Chapoton
Apr 28

I've always thought eloping in Alaska would be a dream. I love how this couple embraced the weather and was ok with changing things last minute- it was still an amazing, epic wedding day and your photos prove it! Absolutely gorgeous!


Apr 28

These are so awesome!! I love the way you captured their emotions !


Wild Souls United Elopements
Wild Souls United Elopements
Apr 27

What a beautiful forrest elopement! And so wonderfully captured! Rain really adds something special to the ambiance.


Julia Mina Photpgraphy
Julia Mina Photpgraphy
Apr 25

Despite the weather, I love that they embraced it and you can just tell how happy they are! You've captured their elopement to beautifully!


Daria Endresen
Daria Endresen
Apr 24

Ahh Alaska, what a dream! Your photos are gorgeous, and how cool that you had a backup spot in mind - I feel it can really make or break an elopement experience when the weather is so unpredictable. Love how the couple embraced the rain, so much love and romance in the air! Beautiful work all around :)

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